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Specials For Locals

Support Curacao Hospitality Industry

Here is what you can do to Save the Hospitality Industry on Curacao and thereby also its Employees a.k.a. Superstars who give their all, day in day out:

1. Go to your favorite restaurant and order takeout

2. Buy a (online) gift voucher. This way you support us immediately and when everything has calmed down, you can treat yourself, your loved one, family member or close friends to something nice with your gift voucher.

Most likely, you are tired of staying home so it's a win-win!

Avila's Save-the-Hospitality Gift Vouchers

✔️ Play Room type Bingo: Purchase a 1-Night Stay for just $99 exl. taxes (regular room rate ranges between $149,00 - $449,00) Per room/Per night. Excluding Meals. Based upon availability. 
Room Type Bingo means that you can end up randomly by our Reservation Department (hence the Bingo term) in a standard room, to an Ocean Front room, Apartment, Majestic Suite or luxury Penthouse.

✔️ Absolute Relax Massage at Cloud Nine Spa US $59 (60 minutes) Normal price is $119,00.

Purchase period: before December 18, 2020
Valid until: as soon as we are fully in operations again, until December 18, 2021 (excluding Dec. 20, 2020 - Jan 5, 2021)  
Conditions: for locals only, upon presentation of a valid Sedula

Click here to purchase an Online Gift Voucher Now. #PayItForward

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